Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics™ [AAI] is a global manufacturer of industrial process analysis instruments.

Our systems are used primarily to measure real-time chemical concentrations in liquid or gas process streams, as well as physical parameters like color, calorific value, and purity. All systems adhere to solid state design and use absorbance spectroscopy. Additionally, AAI builds custom sample conditioning per the needs of each application.

Applied Analytics was incorporated in 1994. All of our systems are manufactured in the USA.

Applied Analytics Products


The OMA is designed to address on-line applications that require cost effective, accurate, continuous, and direct concentration monitoring of single - or multi component streams


TLG-837 continuously measures H2S, SO2, COS, and CS2 in the Claus process tail gas stream (Sulfur Recovery Unit) to output an Air Demand signal.


MCP-200 IR Analysis Module Continuous non-dispersive infrared analysis. Solid state device with no moving parts or filters Customer path length per analyte - Ideal for monitoring PPM level